Behind The Pixels – Mega Man 5

Welcome to another edition of Behind the Pixels. The Mega Man series continues with the fifth installment of the game: Mega Man 5 aka Rockman 5: Blues’ Trap!?

Who’s Blues?

Blues is Proto Man’s name in the Japanese version.

Oh yeah, you briefly mentioned that in Mega Man 1. Why did Dr Light call him Blues?

I guess he was sticking to the Rock and Roll theme? Mega Man is Rock, his sister his Roll, and Proto Man is Blues.

Blues seems out of place… He should’ve called him Sex and/or Drugs. That goes better with Rock and Roll.

No. You can’t have Sex Man or Drugs Man in a game marketed for children.

Slap an MA15+ rating on it.

Anyway, back to the game. Mega Man 5 takes place a few months after Mega Man 4. This time, our old friend Proto Man is the main antagonist. He’s assumed control of a robot army and has launched an attack on the city. In the game’s manual, the spaceport and City Hall have been “totally destroyed”!

Oh no, not City Hall! Whatever will be do?!

Light’s laboratory is also attacked, and Proto Man kidnaps the world’s greatest scientist in the process.

Oh no, not Dr Light?! Whatever will we do?!

Why are you being such a jerk today?

Shouldn’t you be asking yourself that very question?

I just did?

…Shall we move on?

Please. Mega Man gets assistance from Dr Cossack and goes after his former ally. Mega Man, for the fifth time in a row, defeats the new eight robot masters and confronts Proto Man. It turns out, it wasn’t Proto Man who was behind the chaos because the REAL Proto Man appears.

An imposter?! Who dares attempt to besmirch the name of Proto Man? Who would be so evil, so bitter, so scientifically capable of…

Dr Wily.

Of course! Dr Wily… Again! Five times in a row!

Wily builds a new robot called Dark Man to frame Proto Man. Wily’s mad Proto Man betrayed him in Mega Man 4.

So let me get this straight, Wily didn’t kidnap Light for revenge, Wily kidnapped Light to make Proto Man look bad?

Pretty much.

…I’m starting to think Wily ain’t as smart as he thinks he is.

Mega Man heads off to Wily’s castle, battles the evil scientist and saves Dr Light. As per usual, the castle collapses and Wily escapes to fight another day.

Serious question now…

Yes, Wily designed all the robots in this game.

Oh, I wasn’t going to ask if Wily designed the bots. What I want to ask is, how the hell does Wily keep funding his evil ambitions?

Assuming everything in the Nintendo world is connected, Wily could be building robots and weapons for other video game villains. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a firm grip on the black market.

That’s an interesting theory. Now, since you mentioned it, these robots…

Charge Man? Is that who you have the issue with?

Hell no! Why would I have an issue with Thomas the Tank Engine on roids?

Oh. Well, who do you have the issue with?

Gyro Man.

Why do you dislike Gyro Man?

Why would you design a robot around meat?


You know, gyros. The meat used in souvlakis. Tender lamb or chicken coated in a delicious marinade that’s been slowly cooking for hours.

Wait, you actually thought Gyro Man was Souvlaki Man? That’s not what Gyro Man is based off! Have you even seen what he looks like?

I have, hence why I’m so confused about why he looks like a helicopter.

Gyro is short for gyrocopter, a small helicopter-like aircraft which generally has a big propeller. He’s the wind robot boss of the game. Was that not obvious to you?

It is now. Thanks for the clarification.

Anytime. That’s a wrap of Mega Man 5. See you next week for Mega Man 6!

You know, I could really go for a souvlaki…

Now that you mention it, I really want one too.

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