Behind The Pixels – Mega Man 6

Welcome to another edition of Behind the Pixels. Our journey continues with the final NES version of the Mega Man series: Mega Man 6, or “Rockman 6: The Greatest Battle of All Time!!”.

That sounds bad ass. Why is this the greatest battle of all time?

The story behind this game focuses on a big tournament hosted by a mysterious billionaire called “Mr X”.

Bruce Wayne.


It’s Bruce Wayne. The billionaire, right?

Bruce Wayne doesn’t exist in the Mega Man universe.

Do you think there’s a “Bat Man” in the Mega Man universe? Get it? Bat Man?

Yeah… I see what you did there… Anyway, Mr X encourages the world’s most talented robot designers to build the most powerful robots for the tournament. In the final event, Mr X informs everyone the robots are going to assist him in conquering the world.

That’s a hell of a final round.

Also, Mr X decides to randomly tell everyone it was he who Dr Wily was reporting to throughout the series.

That’s a random thing to tell everyone. It’s like this mysterious Mr X is trying to make people think he isn’t Dr Wily for some reason…

I know, right? It’s up to Mega Man to save the day again… For the sixth time. He defeats the eight robot masters and…

Wins the tournament.

Wins the tournament?

If he just defeated eight of the world’s best robots who were fighting for the title of the world’s most powerful robot, wouldn’t that make Mega Man the world’s most powerful robot.

Technically… Yes. I guess that means Mega Man would officially be recognised as the world’s most powerful robot.

So Mega Man wins the tournament, wins a billion dollars, and lives out the rest of his cyber life in a villa in Tuscany.

No. He can do that after Mega Man 11. Until then, Mega Man needs to go deal with Mr X and – surprise, surprise – Mr X turns out to be none other than…

Bruce Wayne?

Dr Wily.

Of course, Dr Wily! Why wouldn’t it be him?! Mr X even looks like him!

And, for the sixth time in a row, Mega Man defeats the evil scientist. This time, Wily is captured and it sent straight to prison!

Seriously, why hasn’t Mega Man put a bullet, or glowing pea, through Wily’s head?

I think if Mega Man did defeat Wily, Mega Man wouldn’t have a purpose to exist anymore. Think about it, Mega Man’s purpose is to defend the world. If Wily isn’t around to threaten world peace, Mega Man would have no reason to keep functioning. He’d deactivate himself and just rust away as everyone else continues with their lives.

That answer was a lot more depressing than I thought it would be.

Fine. Mega Man doesn’t kill Wily because Light programmed him not to harm humans. Happy now?

Very happy. Ok. We’re certain these robots weren’t designed by Wily, yes?

Yes. As I mentioned, all the robots were built by the best inventors from around the world. Who do you have an issue with this week?

Before I reveal who, I just want to clarify this tournament was to determine who could build the most powerful robot, right?

That’s correct.

Most of them look tough. Centaur Man. Knight Man. Hell, Plant Man looks like he could hold his own. But in a fighting tournament, why would you design a robot who is basically a skiing snowball?

You’re referring to Blizzard Man.

Correct! Blizzard Man shouldn’t look like something a bunch of children built in their front yard!

You do have a point. I always thought Blizzard Man looked a bit odd. The name doesn’t suit the look. Maybe if he was called Snow Man, I’d be ok with it. But when you think of blizzard, you think of something terrifying.

Diablo: Immortal?

An actual blizzard, not Blizzard. Let me ask you a question. If you were designing Blizzard Man, what look would you give him?

I’d make him look like a yeti.

That’s actually a good design. I couldn’t think of anything else.

Or I’d make Blizzard Man look like an ice-cube dispenser. That way, you can reprogram him after the tournament to serve another purpose. I’d feel guilty after Blizzard Man deactivates himself after winning the tournament he was designed to win.

How sincere of you. On that note, that brings Mega Man 6 to an end. Next week we move on to the Super Nintendo’s Mega Man 7. See you then!

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