Just Like Father

It is said that every boy aspires to be like his father.

I attest this statement to be true, for there is no one I wish to be more than you, father.

You are regarded as being the greatest conqueror to have ever lived.

The Kabaalist child who rose to become ruler of Sarcadia.

The mortal, who slayed an immortal to become ruler of Caelum.

Such a remarkable feat that I truly believe I am incapable of replicating.

The stories I heard as a young child still captivate me as an adult.

The Supreme Lord of Sarcadia.

The Supreme Lord of Caelum.

The All-Father.

My father.

Just like you, I have trained since the age of eight in the art of combat.

I have mastered wielding the sword, the spear, and the shield.

Fighting is as natural as breathing.

I have been victorious in many duels against some of Caelum’s best warriors.

It infuriates the Caelestials.

A half-breed should not be capable of defeating a pure-bred.

But we both know their kind can easily be defeated.

I have filled my head with as much knowledge as I can learn.

I have been taught by some of the most ancient beings in Caelum.

They are impressed by my hunger for education.

Just as your teachers were when you were but a child.

Though I aim to follow you in your footsteps, I am filled with shame.

Yet it is not mine to I bear, but that of my brothers.

They drink too much, stumbling and staggering throughout the Realm of Light like buffoons.

They use their status to take advantage of men and women for sexual purposes.

Why would they do such things?

Why do they not wish to make you happy?

I confront them about this.

Yet they laugh at me.

Mock me.

Taunt me.

They owe everything to you.


I know in my heart you are already proud of me.

I idolise you.

I worship you.

You said that I would one day be destined for greatness.I hope one day I will prove myself to be worthy enough your son.

— “The Octavian Monologues: Just Like Father”, Bruce Boward, 218 AO

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