The Birth of Happiness

My wives have done well to bear me children.

My heart has been overflowing with joy since the birth of my eldest child, Jodarian.

The birth of every son adds to my ecstatic wealth.

Salinian. Lucian.

Faybian. Sevastian.

Zorian. Caspian.

My family continued to grow as did a happiness and love that I had not felt for aeons.

I thought it not possible for me to experience anything greater.

Alas, I was mistaken.

On the forty-first year of my Ascension, I was twice filled with overwhelming euphoria.

For this year, I celebrated the birth of my first daughter.

Skin as dark as mine.

And a bald head to match!

You did not cry when you were born.

Not a whimper.

Not a snivel.

Those at your birth thought you to be lame of the mind.

But I knew you were fierce the moment I gazed into your eyes.

Those deep, golden eyes of a proud, fearless lioness.

Those are not the eyes of a simpleton.

When your mother delivered you, she cried believing she failed me.

She thought I’d be disappointed at being denied another son.

But why should I be ashamed?

I have longed to have a little girl to call “daughter”.

You reminded me of my eldest sister – the strongest, bravest, and wisest woman I knew.

She taught me everything.

And I shall teach you everything I learnt from her.

Which is why I named you in her honour.


Your birth this year was not the only one to elate me.

You were to be joined one hundred days later by your new brother.

Skin light brown like a sun kissed Alibrii.

Hair as golden as the sands of the Al’Lamak Island.

Peaceful, sapphire-like eyes just like his brothers.

Just like his father.

Though tiny, I know you will grow stronger.

Just like your sister, you did not cry when you were born.

Not a whimper.

Not a snivel.

Instead, you laughed.

Those present during your birth thought you peculiar.

Not I.

No, my son, you are unique.

So full of life.

So full of energy.

So much potential to be something far greater than anyone imagined.

You shall be the precedence of your brothers, this I know.

I know you will.


— “The Atriarch Monologues: Birth of Happiness”, Bruce Boward, 214 AO

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