All Hail the Dark Mother

The Realm of Shadows has a new Master.

All shall kneel and serve the Dark Mother for all eternity.

Throughout the years, I have assimilated all Tenebites into my masterdom.

Those who do not yield are torn apart by my murderous children.

Oh, my precious darlings, you have all made your mother so proud.

And I must not forget my loyal allies and supporters.

Emriana, Tyrant of the Succubi.

You and your sisters were the first to accept me into your family.

Qylaryn tarnished the reputation of your kindred and turned them into harlots.

Under your leadership, the Succubi are now feared throughout Tenebris once again.

Va’Raal, Tyrant of the Afreet.

You and your brothers had always respected my Succubi kinfolk.

It is no secret you harboured disgust against Emriana’s predecessor.

Your devotion to my cause was swift and appreciative.

Krage, Tyrant of the Arachnoids.

Born with both genders entwined you, like I, survived and became powerful.

A thing once thought to be useless now stands by my side as a feared warrior.

One of the first not just to be my ally, but the first to accept and worship me as your new deity.

Xillin Dinjar, Tyrant of the Queyzen.

Your kind have long been disrespected by those who considered themselves to be superior.

Yet here you stand before me with your supremacy unquestioned.

No more shall you be regarded as inferior.

Niroxxi Bloodfeather, Tyrant of the Harpies.

Another who was wise enough to immediately pledge their undying allegiance to me.

Many thought it was out of fear but we both know this to be false.

You support me for you wish to see a woman of formidable power rule this realm.

And of course, I could and would never forget the support of you – Belzabardos.

You have transformed me from a weak Sarcadian woman into an unstoppable, demonic Queen.

To all of you I say, thank you.

Tenebris is mine and mine to do whatever I please.

None shall be foolish enough to oppose me.

Should they be so naïve, they shall suffer the same fate as Archmordeus.

This time perhaps I will take more than just their eyes.

Perhaps an arm?

A leg?

All their limbs?

Or shall I rip out their heart and remove their head?

It matters not, for I shall do to all Tenebites whatever I please.

No one can stop me now.

No Daemon. No Orc.

No Lycan. No Hobgoblin.

No Ogre. No Drakonkin.

No Tengu. No Verminkin.

No Supreme Lord of Sarcadia.

No Supreme Lord of Caelum.

No All-Father.

Tenebris is mine and soon Sarcadia shall be as well.

Death and misery shall spread like a wildfire spreads through forests.

The Sarcadians shall be petrified and paralysed in fear as they gaze before Tenebris’ new master.

I will take Sarcadia from you, Atriarch, just as easily as I took our son away from you.

You will have to come and save your people.

Their suffering will be your fault and yours alone.

You ignored my pleas.

Will you ignore theirs?

In due time, I shall ravage Sarcadia, but for now I shall rest.

My army of Tenebites shall grow stronger every day.

And my children will continue to make their Dark Mother proud.

I cannot wait for you to meet them.

I know they are dying to meet you.

— “The Elysia Monologues: All Hail the Dark Mother”, Bruce Boward, 216 AO

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