Book Update – 04/03/2019

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend or are still enjoying the weekend depending on where in the world you’re reading this from.

It’s time for another update on how the editing for Encyclopedia Sarcadia is coming along. I’m very happy to announce I’m way ahead of schedule! I gave myself the aim to have the section on Tenebris edited by the end of the week. I surprised myself by achieving my goal on last Thursday, which means I’ve started editing the section on Vampires earlier than what I anticipated!

“So, what’s a Tenebris?” I hear you ask? Allow me to give you all very quick rundown.

Tenebris – The Realm of Darkness

Tenebris is my universe’s version of Hell. It’s a vast, endless battlefield shrouded in shadows. Tenebris is inhabited by multiple races of evil, vile beings and creatures collectively known as “Tenebites”. They constantly fight and murder one another unless they’re battling the armies of Caelum, (my universe’s version of Heaven).

Some of these Tenebite races include:

  • Daemons
  • Orcs
  • Lycans
  • Succubi
  • Ogres

Elysia – The Dark Mother

Tenebris is currently ruled by Elysia who was originally from Sarcadia. She used to be a devoted servant of Sarcadia’s deity, Atriarch. The two copulated and, unbeknown to Atriarch, Elysia fell pregnant with his child. Her claims she bore their God’s child angered her church. Her blasphemous statement resulted in her being severely tortured and left for dead in a forest.

Elysia and her unborn child survived her punishment and she would go on to give birth to a healthy baby boy. However, Elysia immediately committed infanticide in front of Atriarch as revenge for not coming to her defence. Atriarch killed Elysia and damned her to an eternity in Tenebris.

Elysia would become corrupted by the realm’s power and she would eventually be transformed into the demonic entity she is today. She would dominant all Tenebite races and wage a bloody war on Sarcadia. Elysia extract further revenge on Atriarch by turning his favourite son, Octavian, into the first vampire.


Werewolves exist in Sarcadia and derive from the ancient Lycan Tenebite, Xensaroch. Werewolves in Sarcadia aren’t humans who can transform into beasts. In this universe, werewolves originally were wolves who were turned into humans by Xensaroch. Most of the werewolves in Sarcadia maintain their human form and only morph into their Lycan-like bodies when necessary.

The strength, agility, and look of a werewolf is dependent on where in Sarcadia they originate from. For example, werewolves from Rykhart are the tallest and strongest, while werewolves from Un’Kabaal are slimmer but are the most agile.


Witches also exist in this universe – further contributing to the chaos caused by Vampires, Werewolves, and other sinister supernatural beings. Not only do they worship Elysia but they also worship the ancient Tenebite, Belzabardos. It’s through the “Chatterer of Secrets” that one gains unlimited knowledge of the dark schools of magic.

There are different types of witchcraft one could study. You could spend your life learning how to raise the dead as a necromancer or, you could learn how to summon a Tenebite to do your bidding.

I could go on, but I only wanted to provide you all with a bit of a teaser! I promise you there’ll be a lot more information on the subjects I’ve mentioned and much, much more once the encyclopedia has been edited.

At the pace I’m going the final product shouldn’t be too far away if I don’t get distracted… which might happen a bit more as a kitten will be joining my home soon! I can totally see this website being transformed into a shrine dedicated to my cat!

That’s all for now! If all goes well by this time next week, I should have another big update for you.

Until next time, be safe and take care!

W.F. Thorne

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