A Father’s Happiness


My son.

How you made me so happy the day you were born.

Words cannot express how proud I am of you.

None of your other brothers have been able to accomplish what you have achieved.

You have excelled in your training and your studies.

You fought with honour and intensity the likes of which I have not seen for many years.

When you asked to journey to Sarcadia, I thought you insane.

I did not think you were ready for the responsible of being this realm’s guardian.

Their saviour.

Yet I should have known better than to ever doubt you.

You should thank your sister Abagael for that.

Had she not convinced me to allow you to leave, I would not be here today celebrating such a joyful occasion.

I should have known you were ready for such a responsibility.

You fought by my side during the Shadow War and slayed many foes.

I did save you from death, this is true.

But mistakes are expected from a neophyte.

Lessons are learned from harsh realities.

And how you did learn from your failures.

To rid Sarcadia of the last of the Dark Mother’s poison.

Such a feat worthy of a man I am proud to call my son.

When you achieved your task, you could have returned to Caelum.

You could have earned a merited rest.

Perhaps you would have finally joined your brothers in their drunken fornicating.

But you insisted on staying.

You felt there was still more of you to give to the Sarcadians.

In my absence, you were their Supreme Lord.

It is you they should have worshipped.

Yet you were too humble to accept their praise and deflected it to me.

You were simply undertaking my work in my name.

You travelled throughout Sarcadia and reminded them all who their Supreme Lord truly was.

How he never abandoned them.

How he sent his favourite son to help them in their times of need.

And now I have returned to my old seat of power.

Back in the ancient and true capital city of Sarcadia.

To watch you wed a woman who has captured your heart.

I have never seen you so happy.

Not since the day you were born.

And I have not felt such joy in my existence.

Not since the day you were born.

How you continue to make me happy.

How my heart beats so jubilantly for you and your wife, Chiara.

May she bring you as much elation as you have brought into my life.

Do look after her.

Care for her.

Love her as much as you can.

No matter how long or short her life might be.

And should she depart from you too soon, know that a piece of her shall always be within your heart.

For I know the feeling too well.

A pain, yet also a pleasure.

But I know you are destined to be with Chiara forever.

When you are both ready, your home in the Realm of Light awaits.

Until then, enjoy your new life.

Know there is nothing you can do that will ever displease me.


My son.

— “The Atriarch Monologues: Sarcadia Cleansed”, Bruce Boward, 214 AO