Sarcadia Cleansed

The Shadow War has ended.

Sarcadia has been cleansed from the poison of the Tenebites.

I am victorious…

… Or so they say.

They have counted the number of dead in the millions.





It matters not how many were killed.

It only matters who survived.

The celebrations throughout Sarcadia have been going for days.

They sing my praise.

They offer me sacrifices.

The All-Father has saved Sarcadia once again.

But I am not so easily content as those oblivious worshippers.

There is only one name not added to the tally of fatalities.

One name that only mattered.

One death I wished to deliver.


The Great Whore of Sarcadia.

They say I am victorious?

I am not.

The war is meaningless to me.

The only triumph worth celebrating is the death of the Dark Mother.

How dare she mock me with her spawn?

Those disgusting abominations she calls children.

The Elysiites.

I should have killed her from the beginning.

I thought she would suffer in Tenebris.

I thought a horrific monster or creature would claim her as a prize.

How I wanted her to suffer for what she did to my precious son.

Yet she survived.

Taken under the wing by the Chatterer of Secrets.

Dominated the Tenebites and bent the Realm of Shadows to her will.

Waged a war on Sarcadia and devastated millions of lives.

All to draw me out from Caelum.

All to confront me and seek her revenge.

What she does not know is that she already achieved it.

The thought the Dark Mother remains upon the apex of Tenebris hierarchy disgusts me.

The mere idea of Elysia’s existence tears at my mind.

Whenever I utter that vixen’s name my heart pounds heatedly.

Is this vengeance not enough for her?

I would venture to the Realm of Shadows just to kill her.

To annihilate every single one of her damned children.

To tear apart her world just as she once done to me.

Yes, I know I would be corrupted, but I would allow Tenebris to consume me if only to see that whore dead.

Though Sarcadia wishes not for another war, I eagerly wait for a second invasion.

When she does, I shall seek her out immediately and end her unnatural existence.

I could not care about how many others are to suffer as a result.

Sarcadia, Caelum, even Tenebris shall be better once I have disposed of her.

Then, and only there, shall I be victorious.

— “The Atriarch Monologues: Sarcadia Cleansed”, Bruce Boward, 214 AO

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