The Supreme Conception

You have only been gone a hundred days, yet I feel I have missed you for years.

We spent many passionate nights together, yet I feel I have spent an eternity with you.

My Supreme Lord.

My All-Father.

My Atriarch.

I have experienced things I never thought possible.

When I think back to when you first appeared to me my body shivers with exhilaration.

The memory and emotion I felt when I gazed upon your divine manifestation is as fresh as ripe fruit.

Your body, with skin as dark as the midnight sky, was perfect in every way.

There exists no artwork nor literature which could ever accurately describe you.

But it was your eyes, as blue as the ocean, which captivated me.

I knew instantly you were mine just as much as you knew I was yours.

I asked what you wanted me to do.

You just wanted to know everything about me.

I indulged my Supreme Lord and spoke for hours.

I told you everything – from my time being groomed into a wife to my time as a most zealous servant.

When there was nothing left to tell you, I asked you what you wanted me to do.

You just wanted to spend more time with me.

We explored the corners of Alibrium — from the ruins of Pyzodine to the peak of Mount Titus.

When there was nothing left for you to see, I asked you what you wanted to do.

You took my timorous hands into your firm yet gentle grip.

You leaned forward and whispered: “Start a family”.

In that moment, I knew I was yours.

In that moment, I knew you were mine.

My Supreme Lord.

My All-Father.

My Atriarch.

For days we embraced one another with passionate vigour.

Each time we made love my body was paralysed in an ecstasy.

Though it was only a hundred days ago, I can still feel you.

Trickles of bliss still lingers and tauntingly tickles me.

When we finally decided we were satisfied, you asked me to join you in Caelum.

You wanted me to be mother to your children.

You wanted me to be your eternal bride.

While I do love my All-Father, I will not allow myself to be controlled.

No man nor god shall confine me to the role of a slave.

I told you I regretfully decline your invitation for there was much to do on Sarcadia still.

There were many heathens who needed to be converted.

There were many who needed to die for disrespecting the Supreme Lord.

You were surprised, perhaps heartbroken by my rejection.

You simply nodded your head.

And wished me well.

And that was the last I saw of you.

For years I served the All-Father.

I prayed every day for you to give me a sign that you were impressed with my devotion.

I have received your sign.

You have rewarded me with child.

The cause of this illness plaguing me for days is now known.

I am with child – this I am certain.

I am blessed to be the first to bear Atriarch a child.

I shall deliver the babe to him, but I shall remain on Sarcadia and continue to serve him.

Should he decide to return to me and ask me to bear another, I shall happily do so.

But I won’t allow him to own me.

He’s my Supreme Lord.

He’s my All-Father.

My Atriarch.

— “The Elysia Monologues: The Supreme Conception”, Bruce Boward, 216 AO

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