The Supreme Loneliness

I have united the twelve tribes of Un’Kabaal.

I have liberated Tarana from its tyrannical emperor.

I have cured Stagnum from Draconian toxicity.

I have defeated the united forces of the Alibrii Houses.

I have vanquished the Ogre King who ruled Dektundra.

I have slain the one who believed himself to be the true Supreme Lord.

The Sarcadians, who once revered me as their ruler, now worship me as their God.

The Caelestials, who once thought me a worthless mortal, now respect me as their superior.

I am Sarcadia.

I am Caelum.

I am the All-Father.

I am…

I am alone.

I sit upon a golden throne in the middle of a golden room within my golden palace and I cannot help but wonder: “Is this it?”

When I removed Vratralarion’s head from his body, I felt a joy I had not experienced for many years.

You may think I relished in the death of my enemy, but you are mistaken.

The joy I speak of was the notion of being reunited with those I loved.

My father.

My mother.

My sisters.

And Leesha, my love.

To be reunited with you and our children. You who were all cruelly robbed from me, before we could be a family.

Oh, how I miss her.

Oh, how I miss all of them.

Spending an eternity with my family filled me with a happiness I long desired to feel again.

But the bliss was stolen and replaced by a sorrow I long to rid myself of.

My beloved isn’t here, nor my family, friends, and those who died by my side.

They never were here.

They never will be here.

They are gone.


“There is no afterlife for a Sarcadian. Once they die, there is nothing.”

The Caelestials were so cold to me, but to them it simply was reality.

Loneliness – that is my reality.

I have sat here by myself for years thinking about what is next.

I have conquered two realms, yet I am unsatisfied.

I could subjugate more realms, but what joy would that bring?

Winnings wars without a purpose is nothing but a distraction.

Who will celebrate my victories with me?

The Caelestials, who adorn me with praise out of fear?

The Sarcadians, who pay tribute to me with the expectation of ascending to a life of immortality?

If only I could celebrate my conquest of Sarcadia and Caelum with the ones who I long to see again.

My sisters. My mother.

My father. My wife.

My children…

Children… Yes. Of course.

I have been so focused on my ambition to unify Sarcadia I forgot I desired a family.

What is an All-Father without children to call his own?

I recall seeing my old friend Shintaro relishing the presence of his grandchildren.

I remember the proud smile he bore whenever he spoke of his children during our war against the tyrant Uro Ido.

A family.

That is what I need to be whole again.

I have nothing left to conquer.

I accept that I shall never see those who have gone before me again, but I must not allow my sorrow for them to keep me in darkness forever.

They would want me to do what will make me happy.

They would never want me to waste away over what could have been.

They shall always have a place in my heart.

It is time to rid myself from this loneliness that plagues me.

It is time for me to become the father I have longed desired to be.

— “The Atriarch Monologues: The Supreme Loneliness”, Bruce Boward, 214 AO

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