An Introduction to the Eternal Monologues

The Eternal Monologues are a collection of shorts written by Bruce Boward, a famousHart musician, poet, and writer. The Eternal Monologues focus on Sarcadia’s “Eternal Trinity” who are:

  • Atriarch, the All-Father
  • Elysia, the Dark Mother
  • Octavian, the Fallen Son.

Bruce Boward had travelled throughout Hartland entertaining crowds with his music and poetry. In 214 AO, at only the age of eighteen, Bruce Boward began performing the “Atriarch Monologues” which focused on key events or moments experienced by the All-Father following his ascension to Caelum.

Bruce’s work was well received and heavily praised by the Atri-Supremus Church for his depiction of Atriarch. Bruce decided to print his work, which saw him earn a small fortune. He was invited to read his work in churches and in major cities throughout Sarcadia.

Inspired by the positive feedback and from the enjoyment he was spreading, Bruce began working on his next series of monologues. On 216 AO, the “Elysia Monologues” were performed and published throughout Sarcadia. Bruce saw his pockets lined healthy with coin from the high volume of immediate sales, but the reception was mixed.

The Atri-Supremus Church immediately destroyed the copies they purchased and accused Bruce of portraying Elysia as a sympathetic figure. Many people still enjoyed Bruce’s work and praised him for being bold. Bruce accepted criticism from everyone and explained everyone’s story needed to be heard, just as much as everyone’s opinion needed to be heard.

Bruce continued to travel throughout Sarcadia though he was banned from performing in any of the Atri-Supremus Church buildings. The famous writer would begin work towards the end of 217 AO on his third and final set of monologues. Everyone, including the Atri-Supremus Church, was eager to see who the focus would be.

The “Octavian Monologues” were released in 218 AO to widespread outrage. Many people believed Bruce has romanticised vampires, which were becoming an increasing threat against Sarcadians. Bruce attempted to defend himself again using the same reasoning behind the Elysia Monologues, but his work was officially deemed to be blasphemous by the Atri-Supremus Church.

Despite the negative backlash, Bruce managed to avoid any wrathful punishment from the Atri-Supremus Church. The money he made from the series was enough to last him until the end of his days. The Eternal Monologues are now extremely rare and highly valuable as a result of people destroying their copies by order of the church.

Atriarch Monologues

  1. The Supreme Loneliness
  2. A Renewed Hope
  3. First Born Dead
  4. Birth of Happiness
  5. Sarcadia Cleansed
  6. A Father’s Happiness
  7. Another Son Lost

Elysia Monologues

  1. The Supreme Conception
  2. A Blasphemous Whore
  3. Chatting with the Chatterer
  4. All Hail the Dark Mother
  5. The Supreme Weakness
  6. A Curse Conjured
  7. Another Stolen Son

Octavian Monologues

  1. Just Like Father
  2. Battle of Former Lovers
  3. A Wounded World
  4. Sarcadia Beckons
  5. The Wounded Maiden
  6. A Bloody Consummation
  7. The Fall of the Son

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