2019 – Year of the Vampire


Hello everyone and a very happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a safe and fun end to 2018 and I hope 2019 is going to be great year for you! As we’re all arousing and recovering from our food-and-drink induced comas no doubt some of us are already setting out to kick off our New Year’s resolutions.

For me, I’m looking to make 2019 the most creative and productive year of my life. I’ll be referring to this year as the “Year of the Vampire”. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve posted anything on this website (30 April 2018 to be exact) so it’s time for an overdue update!

Encyclopedia Sarcadia

I’m happy to finally announce that the first draft of Encyclopedia Sarcadia has been completed! For those needing a quick recap, Encyclopedia Sarcadia will serve as the backstory to “the Cardinal” – my dark-fantasy series set in a world full of vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures.

It’s been a very long time coming and I do apologise for the lack of updates on its progression up until this point. I felt like I was just repeating myself every week or so by saying “I’m almost done”. The lack of updates was a result of a lack of creativity and book-writing.

At the start of May 2018, I went to Canada for a friend’s wedding. When I returned home my work went through a very busy, transition period which went on for several months. Though I really wanted to write I was struggling to get back in front of a computer after coming home from my job. This needed to change so started to write at least an hour before going to work. This new method was successful and slowly I chipped away at the encyclopedia until it was complete!

With the first draft of Encyclopedia Sarcadia done, it’s now time for the “fun”, repetitive process of editing. I’m very optimistic to have the first draft completed by the end of February, perhaps earlier if I really push myself. After the first edit I’ll be handing it over to some associates for some their input and feedback.

Short stories coming soon!

In-between the encyclopedia editing and writing the first book of the Cardinal, I’ve decided I’ll be publishing short stories and information relating to the world of Sarcadia. Here’s what you can look forward to in the upcoming year:

  • The Menagerie Origins – The first vampire Octavian was said to have turned up to three hundred humans to be part of his “Menagerie”. The Menagerie Origins will narrate the night these individuals were turned by the Fallen Son.
  • The Eternal Monologues – A collection of shorts written by Bruce Boward, a famous Sarcadian bard, which focuses on seven key moments for each of the “Eternal Trinity”: Atriarch the All-Father, Elysia the Dark Mother, and Octavian the Fallen Son.
  • Sarcadia 101 – “Education reading” for those curious to know more about the world. Lessons will be provided to curious students who would like to learn about Sarcadia’s history, geology, religion and more!

Behind the Pixels

I’ll be looking to continue the “Behind the Pixels” series next week by resuming my breakdown of Mega Man. I’m open to any suggestions of any storylines of video games you’d like for me to breakdown, so if you have any ideas please let me know in the comments!

That’s about all from me for now. It’s going to be a very busy yet productive and creative year ahead of me but I’m looking forward to every single day of it!

Unless you get distracted with your video games & TV binging. You seem to have omitted that part.

Oh great, you again.

Yeah, me again! You didn’t think I’d just let you go at 2019 alone, did ya?

No. I should’ve expected you’d pop up sooner or later.

You can’t get rid of me that easily! It’s going to be a hell of a year for the both of us!

For us, and hopefully for everyone else too! On that note it’s time to begin that long editing process. Happy New Year to you all!

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