Whatcha Writing There, Thorne? (30 Apr Book Update)

Howdy Thorne! Been doing much writing lately?

I have, and the past few weeks have been busy. The final stretch of Encyclopaedia Sarcadia has been going steady. I’d say I’m around 93% completion though things have been slowly down a little.

How come?

I’ve been busy with a few non-book related things so finding the time to write has been a bit tough. I also have a trip to Canada coming up soon so I’ve been slowly preparing for it. When I do get time to write I’ve managed to complete more than what I thought I could, so it isn’t entirely negative.

That’s good to hear. A trip will help recharge the batteries.

I’ve found my previous overseas trips to be good motivation for writing as well. My brain finds itself going into a creative overdrive, especially when I go some epic hikes. Though I’ll be going to Canada for a wedding, there’ll be some time to go exploring and to get some more cool ideas brewing.

I like the sound of that! What have you been focusing on in Encyclopaedia Sarcadia over the past few weeks?

I’m at the point where I’m going through the timeline. When I first planned most of the important events Sarcadia experiences, I added chunks of paragraphs to what should be a brief overview of the world’s history. This isn’t a bad thing though as at the time it was more “note taking” than a summary.

As I’m tightening the timeline it’s allowing me to create new entries in the encyclopaedia. This process is helping me out a lot. Before I was hopping around all over the place without a real plan of attack, but now I’m more focused and my productivity has increased.

The focus is currently on the first of Sarcadia’s three main time periods known as the Time Beyond, or TB for short. I’m at the point of where Sarcadia’s deity, Atriarch, has gained control of his country, Un’Kabaal.

Praise be to the All-Father! Are you going to tell us about how awesome Atriarch is?

What do you think?

I think you’re going to be saving that for another day.

Right as always. There’s way too much to talk about Atriarch.

How about you tell us about Atriarch in 50 words or less?

Atriarch was the great ruler of Un’Kabaal who conquered Sarcadia. The benevolent ruler was named “Supreme Lord” by the people, which angered the world’s previous deity, Vratralarion. Vratralarion challenged and was killed by Atriarch, who ascended as the new deity of Sarcadia.

Summarised in forty-two words. You still have eight words to go.

And they lived happily ever after. The end?

And they lived happily ever after because…

I’m not falling for your tricks, but that’s Atriarch in a very, basic nutshell. As I said, more information about him will be revealed once the first draft of Encyclopaedia Sarcadia has been completed.

And edited… Then edited again… And again…

Until the end of time. Well, maybe not that long.

Let’s hope not! Is there anything else you want to tell us before we leave you to your writing?

Yes. I’ve decided to stop doing my Weekly Rasslin Rundowns for now. I’d like to focus on completing as much of Encyclopaedia Sarcadia as I can before I leave for Canada. I’ll continue to do my reviews on the important WWE pay-per-view events. I’ll also be posting up more Behind The Pixels reviews when I return from Canada as well as giving this website an updated look. I think it might be time for one even though it’s still relatively new.

Nothing wrong with a bit of change every now and then. Well, if that’s all, we’ll leave you to it. Write again and please, don’t get too distracted.

I can’t promise that, especially with Westworld season 2 now out.

That’s the one and only exception I’ll allow!

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