Weekly Rassling Rundown (09 – 11 Apr): The WrestleMania Hangover

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Rassling Rundown. Let’s dive into this week’s WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT shows!

Raw Logo
Welcome everyone, to Monday Night RAW!
  • Ronda Rousey didn’t have the greatest WrestleMania debut. That honour went to Fandango.
  • Forget Paul Heyman, Stephanie McMahon should be managing Ronda. I love how she pronounces her name.
  • Thanks to the post-WrestleMania Raw crowd for bringing back the “Shut The F*ck Up” chant.
  • Ronda needs to be a straight up badass and stop acting all humble and giddy every time she comes out.
  • I’m glad the announcers informed us this crazy international crowd will “boo those they normally cheer, and cheer those they normally boo”. I’d be really confused as to why Roman Reigns was still getting booed by the WWE universe who totally love him.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing the SuperStar Shake-Up next week. From the sounds of it, tag teams might be getting split up too.
  • WWE’s costume designer really needs to give Nia Jax something more flattering to wear.
  • Thanks for confirming Nia’s the bully, Alexa Bliss. I just assumed you were when you kept calling her fat.
  • Congratulations to Ember Moon for moving up to Raw. I’ll now shed tears for the NXT Women’s Division.
  • Coach’s comment that it’s “hard to debut on the night after WrestleMania” made no sense at all. It’s the best night of the year since all the fans in the audience are the most hardcore ones. Thanks Corey Graves for saying what we were all thinking.
  • Coach continues to make himself to stupid by saying there’s a lot of pressure on a NXT wrestler being promoted to the main roster because of the crowd. Most likely, this is the same crowd who watched them perform at Takeover.
  • Michael Cole tells us Ember calls her finisher the Eclipse. Thanks for telling us something we already knew.
  • Braun Strowman and Nicholas hand over the Raw Tag Team Titles, continuing to crap all over the division. At least Nicholas was funny in the segment, so it wasn’t entirely frustrating to watch.
  • Good to see No Way Jose on the main roster.
  • I was hopeful to see Revival capture the Raw Tag Team championship, but knowing they’re going to face Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt shattered my hopes… like a machine… a Shatter Machine. Sorry, bad pun was bad.
  • Here’s a new drinking game for everyone watching: take a shot every time the crowd informs a wrestler “They Deserve It”.
  • “Burn It Down” is still the weirdest chant to hear at a wrestling event… and the most concerning.
  • Apparently, Seth Rollins is only entitled to the middle name of “Freakin’” when he wins a title.
  • At the rate everyone is winning titles, the entire roster will be grand slam champions.
  • The Miz is probably the only person to use his baby daughter to gain heat from the crowd.
  • Jeff Hardy gets done for a DIY, is rewarded by being put in the main event of Raw.
  • How is the Sasha Banks/Bayley friendship saga STILL going?!
  • It sucks to see Paige retire from in-ring competition, especially after the neck injury and real-life drama she went through.
  • Coach tries to be smart by telling Corey the chant the crowd are doing is in the form of a “soccer chant” from England. Corey’s response? “Since you’re so educated Coach, I thought you’d know it’s called a FOOTBALL game in the UK.”
  • Seriously, Elias is so good on the microphone. He has full continue of the crowd which is rare to see these days.
  • Holy sh*t Bobby Lashley’s back! Looks like we know who’s dethroning Brock Lesnar.
  • Seriously, who does Kurt Angle keep talking to on the phone?
  • “I hear TNA is hiring”. Wow, Kurt’s sick burn to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn earned a “Holy Sh*t” chant from the crowd. Seriously though, that was brilliant!
  • Cole has to tell us which one is Akam and which one is Rezar of the Authors of Pain, despite their names being on their vests. Good to see the two up on the main roster. Let’s hope they don’t receive the “Ascension” treatment.
  • Looks like Paul Ellering has been dumped by Authors of Pain.
  • I wish the news articles said Brock “resigns” and not “re-signs”.
  • Roman’s only getting booed by this post-Wrestlemania crowd due to his man-bun… which means they’d be cheering it if this wasn’t the Raw after Mania.
  • It’s awesome to see Samoa Joe back, and back on the microphone.
  • Bray Wyatt has been regulated to teaming and laughing with Matt Hardy.
  • Hearing “TNA” chants from the crowd made the Zayn/Owens match even better. It’ll be interested to see what happens now the two are off both Raw and SmackDown.
  • Finn Balor and Seth Rollins reactions to Jeff, Matt, and Bray’s interaction was priceless.
  • This might be the first Raw main event after WrestleMania the crowd hasn’t shat all over.


Smackdown Logo
Welcome to SmackDown – The Land of Opportunity!
  • I’m not sure why crowd are thanking Shane McMahon for WrestleMania. Besides jumping off things and getting coffee for WWE executives, he doesn’t do anything backstage.
  • Really good to see Paige being made Smackdown’s new General Manager. Does this mean Paige and AJ Styles will now be fighting over the house that is SmackDown?
  • Pretty good match from Usos & New Day as usual. It would’ve sucked to see Usos lose their guaranteed Smackdown tag team title rematch.
  • Yay! Harper gets to keep his new wolf skull mask!
  • Natalya thinks Naomi winning the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal win was the biggest disappointment of WrestleMania. I can name a dozen things more disappointing than that.
  • Tom Philips managed to say AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura lived to the hype and delivered an excellent match with a straight face.
  • “Sorry, no speak Engrish.” Heel Nakamura is going to be so good.
  • The Iconic Duo IIconics are on Smackdown! The crowd was solidly behind them all throughout their promo and beatdown of Charlotte.
  • The cash-in by Carmella was good, but it would’ve been better to see it happen at WrestleMania.
  • Why is another former champion having to fight for their entitled rematch?
  • Pointless triple threat match between Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, and Rusev. Now we get to see the same, boring, crappy feud between Orton and Jinder Mahal all over again.
  • If Daniel Bryan’s safe style of wrestling is to stick to a mat-based technical style of wrestling, then I approve.
  • Byron Saxton seems to think a wrestler who takes a few years off from completing will completely forget everything they know about wrestling.
  • Good call to have Nakamura interfere and ruin the AJ/Daniel match. The crowd really don’t like him and right now he’s getting perfect heel heat. Let’s hope it continues in the weeks to come.
  • Since Asuka didn’t appear after her loss at WrestleMania, will John Cena start coming out to call her a chicken for hiding like how he did with Undertaker?


NXT Logo
Meanwhile, at NXT…
  • Recap show is recap show.
  • The crowd reaction to Lacey Evans was quieter than pre-L.I.J. Tetsuya Naito.
  • Looks like Paul Ellering’s officially done as Authors of Pain’s manager. It’s probably a good thing to do honestly. The two don’t need him now and they should be fine on the main roster. This leaves the door open for Ellreing to manage a new team or a new wrestler in NXT.
  • Shayna’s post-match interview at Takeover was sloppy. With the loss of Ember Moon and the IIconics, it’s going to be a long time before the NXT Women’s Division returns to glory.
  • Good to see War Machine Raiders finally make their debut. They’ll be a good replacement for the Authors of Pain. Not sure on the name though. They should’ve stuck with War Machine. War Raiders doesn’t roll off the tongue very well.

That’s all for this edition of WRR! Let me know when you thought of this week’s shows. Feedback is welcomed too! See you next week!

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