Behind The Pixels – Mega Man 3

Megaman3_boxThey’ll be no debating the hardcore credentials of Bubble Man this week as we look at Mega Man 3, also known as Rockman 3: The end of Dr Wily!?

Why are you shouting?

I’m not. That’s the name of the Japanese version, including the exclamation mark.

Oh ok. I thought you were still mad about Bubble Man.

I wasn’t mad, you were!

Sounds like you’re mad to me.

Ok I’m just going to ignore this and move right along. In Mega Man 3, Dr Light decides to construct a gigantic, peace-keeping robot called Gamma. Why he didn’t do this from the start I’m not sure. He could’ve at least built Gamma right after Mega Man 1 to stop Dr Wily from attempting world domination again.

Why would he when he has Cena Man to stop him?

To power Gamma, Light constructs eight robot masters to gather Energy Elements (or crystals depending on the version you’re playing) from various worlds. Since it’s a pretty big project, Light decides to recruit someone to assist him.

Good plan. It’s tough to do all of this by yourself. I’m guessing he hires someone who is just as intelligent as he is?

He does.

I’m guessing someone who he’s known for years?

That’s correct.

And that would be, who?

Dr Wily.

…Dr Wily?!

wilyApparently Wily has turned a new leaf. Light doesn’t need any psychiatric assessment to determine whether Wily is outright bullsh*tting him or not. Wily just rocks up and is like, “Hey I’m good now. Can I help”? and Light basically replies, “Ok”.

Seriously?! Why would Light trust him after two Mega Man games?! At least wait until a few more like, I dunno, like after Mega Man 10?!

In any case, the two build Gamma and the new eight robots to mine the crystals they need to power Gamma.

And of course, they all malfunction, right?

You guessed it! The eight robots go crazy for some damn reason so Mega Man’s off to murder them for the crystals. At various points throughout his quest, Mega Man clashes with Break Man AKA Proto Man. This is the first time Proto Man makes an appearance in the series though, if you recall my breakdown of Mega Man 1, he’s mentioned in the backstory of the Japanese version of the game.

Now before we continue, you said Light and Wily designed the robots together?

They did.

Did they build specific ones, or did they build them together?

I’m not sure… Why do I have a feeling this is going to lead to robot man criticism?

I wasn’t going to criticise anyone. I’d just like to know who’s responsible for the creation of Top Man.

What’s wrong with Top Man?

You’ve got all these bad ass robots in this game, like Shadow Man and Gemini Man, but you design a robot which is basically a spinning top?

Maybe they were running out of ideas?

They had plenty! Wily could’ve redeemed himself for Bubble Man’s creation with Water Man!

topmanReally? You’re still mad about Bubble Man? Looks, there’s nothing wrong with Top Man. He spins around and… Shoots spinning tops… I guess you’re right however, there is logic behind designing at least one bad robot per batch.


People will know who to kill first when they pick up the game for the first time. Based on looks alone, people are going to assume Top Man is the easiest to kill. I mean, I did when I was a kid. You’re telling me if you played Mega Man 3 for the first time you’d start off on Hard Man?

That’s a very good point. Now I think about it, I probably would’ve started off on Bubble Man if I picked up Mega Man 2 for the first time.

Back to the story. After defeating the eight robots, Mega Man returns home only to find out Wily was lying this whole time!

No sh*t he wasn’t!

Not only has Wily stolen the crystals, he’s stolen and reprogrammed Gamma for world domination!

Come on! Seriously?! How was Light that stupid to trust Wily from the start?!

Maybe he thought Wily did change his ways. Maybe Light thinks deep down there’s good in a person no matter how bad they are. Then again for someone that smart, Light isn’t that bright.

Pun intended?

Not really but I’ll take it. Mega Man now has to defeat Wily and the world destroyer Gamma. The blue bomber defeats the duo but the evil scientist’s castle collapses on them. Proto Man rescues Mega Man and leaves Wily for dead.

Good! That’s exactly what should happen! It’s like Proto Man knew Wily was going to return for another fifty games.

But we both know that didn’t happen. That’s all for Mega Man 3. Next week we’ll continue with series with the fourth installment of the series. Thanks for reading!

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