Behind The Pixels – Mega Man 2

megaman2Mega Man 2, also known as Rock Man 2: Mystery of Dr Wily in Japan, is responsible for putting the 8-bit blue bomber on the map. It’s regarded as being one of the best in the series as well as being one of the best NES games.

Let’s not forget that’s awesome soundtrack. Best in the series.

Some would argue that Mega Man 3 has the best soundtrack.

Some would argue that, but they’re wrong.

Anyway, Mega Man 2 takes place in the year of 200X. It’s been a year since Mega Man defeated the evil Dr Wily. Now the evil doctor has returned seeking revenge for his defeat, and this time he’s created eight of his own robots to do his bidding.

Wily built all of them?

All of them.

All eight of them?


We’re certain Wily designed all eight? Are we sure he didn’t reprogram Dr Light’s robots again, or reprogram at least one of them?

For the third time, yes these robots are Wily’s creations? Why do you keep asking this?

MM2BubbleManIf Wily is meant to be pure evil, why design a robot who shoots bubbles?! How is Bubble Man dangerous?

The name of the weapon you get is called Bubble Lead. Bullets are made from lead. Therefore, the bubbles are bullets.

Seriously? That’s your answer? Why not just redesign him and call him Water Man? Was Wily just saving Water Man for a later game?

There never was a Water Man in any of the Mega Man games.

…That’s even worse! Bubble Man is officially the first water-based robot master. He should have a powerful high-pressured water cannon, not crappy bubbles.

Don’t go crapping on Bubble Man’s bubbles! His weapon is the only weapon that can damage the final boss.

How?! How, out of ALL the weapons in Mega Man 2, are bubbles the weakness of the final F#$@ing boss!

bubbleleadWell, that’s kind of a good point. You can charge up a powerful fireball when you defeat Heat Man. You can fire off streams of boomerangs when you defeat Quick Man. You can throw razor-sharp buzzsaws when you defeat Metal Man.

You can flash when you defeat Flash Man. Why can’t we just flash the final boss to death?

Because you don’t “flash” the boss, you stop time. Look, you don’t have to like Bubble Man’s bubbles, but you got to give him props for his awesome stage music.

I’m more of a Wood Man theme fan, but Bubble’s is good too.

Back to the story, or what little there is of it, Wily wants revenge and Mega Man battles him and his eight robots. Mega Man defeats them all as well as Wily. The evil doctor surrenders and peace is restored.

That’s it?

That’s it. The end. See, not much of a storyline going on here.

So, if I wasn’t raging about Bubbles this post would’ve ended a long time ago.

Pretty much! See you next week for Mega Man 3!

F#$@ing bubbles…

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