Whatcha Writing There, Thorne? (26 Feb Book Update)

Howdy Thorne! Been doing much writing lately?

Of course! I’ve managed to do a bit of work on Encyclopedia Sarcadia as well as work on a blog series I’ll be debuting in the very near future.

Sounds like you’ve been busy. Let’s talk Encyclopedia Sarcadia. Where are we at?

As I mentioned last week I’ve been working on the creatures and beings who exist in Tenebris, Sarcadia’s version of Hell. Currently I’m working on the Tenebites who make up the rebellious faction known as the Synod.

You mentioned that Lycans, Daemons, Orcs, and Hobgoblins are part of this group last week. Any new additions to the alliance against the Dark Mother?

The Verminkin. As their name would suggest they’re rat-like humanoids who are masterful inventors.

So why do the Verminkin oppose the Dark Mother?

Their reasons are driven by greed rather than loyalty. The Verminkin love to make a profit so since the Synod forces greatly outnumber Elysia’s forces, it makes sense to side with the group who will be buying a lot more weapons.

Those dirty rats! You mentioned you’re working on a blog series? Care to enlighten us?

Sure! “Behind the Pixels” will be debuting on my blog in the upcoming weeks. This series will take a look at the storylines behind video games. I’ll be starting off with old school classics before venturing into the modern era. So far I’ve been working on an old school Nintendo series which is a personal favourite of mine. Three games examined, another seven to go.

Thanks for the little clue. Well, I’ll let you get back to it! Remember to keep us updated! And please, please don’t get too distracted with Path of Exile this weekend…

Oh yeah the new league starts at the end of the week! Thanks for the reminder!

Ah crap…

Photo Credit @minan1398

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