Weekly Rassling Rundown 19 – 21 Feb

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Rassling Rundown. I’ve decided to stick to last week’s formula permanently as it’s much quicker for me to write and easier for everyone to digest. That being said, let’s dive into this week’s WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT shows!

Raw Logo
Welcome everyone, to Monday Night RAW!
  • When I found out all seven competitors in the Elimination Chamber match would be going against one another in a gauntlet match, I was worried we’d see six very quick matches. Instead, we were treated to a solid two-hour wrestling block! Solid from start to finish.
  • The gauntlet match would’ve been just a bit better if something were on the line for the winner of the gauntlet like, oh I don’t know, winning the chance to come out last at Elimination Chamber?
  • Judging by Seth Rollins’ new “Monday Night Rollins” t-shirt, I’m guessing he’ll be staying put on Raw after this year’s roster shake up.
  • Judging the “Burn It Down” chant, I’m guessing the people of Phoenix are big fans of arson. Maybe Rollins should change his nickname from “The Architect” to “The Arsonist”.
  • Good to see WWE finally named Rollins’ knee finisher, although a bit too late now he’s using the Curb Stomp again. Instead of calling it “Revolution Knee”, WWE should’ve named it “V-Maker” or “Rain-Trigger” just to annoyed NJPW fans.
  • If there’s one thing I’ve learn from watching NJPW it’s that if you wrestle with your t-shirt on, you’re not taking the match seriously. I’m looking at you, John Cena.
  • Cena’s gotten more sluggish in his matches. The belly-to-back suplexes he delivered were worse than Bayley’s.
  • Michael Cole makes mention of Triple H being “the only man” to wrestle for over an hour on Raw. This would mean he’d have to be wrestling against someone else, which means there would be two people who have that honour. I wonder who *cough Chris Benoit cough* that might be?
  • Rollins picking up the win against Cena was both shocking and awesome. Props to Rollins for going over an hour and wrestling three different people.
  • In a backstage interview, Cena says Rollins only has to focus on his wrestling career, but Cena has lots of other things he has to deal with. Yes, Cena implied he lost because he’s a very busy person. Maybe Cena should just quit wrestling and go work on his failing movie career.
  • Good to see Elias is improving in the ring, especially with the push he’s received lately.
  • If I were The Miz, I’d just get myself disqualified so I wouldn’t have to face Braun Strowman. This is something Miz realises after beating Balor.
  • Michael Cole laughs about the time Strowman hurled him into a group of security guards. He wasn’t laughing when Brock Lesnar destroyed him a few years ago.
  • Coles mentioned repeatedly throughout the gauntlet match that the winner of Elimination Chamber will be going on to main event WrestleMania. I’m guessing Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles will be opening the PPV.
  • JEFF JARRETT IS GETTING INDUCTED INTO THE WWE HALL OF FAME?! Seriously, when they played the video package both my housemate and I almost died in shock.
  • Asuka shouldn’t be allowed to speak on the microphone for that long. Her English isn’t that good. Triple H knew this in NXT so her time on the microphone was very minimum.
  • Nia Jax still thinks she’s going to beat Asuka.
  • The Bar face off against Titus Worldwide (again) and get up losing to them in an upset (again).
  • “Titus and Apollo gel well together,” said Corey Graves. The commentator spoke too soon, as Titus and Apollo would proceed to botch a basic double Irish whip into the ropes. “Well, starting to gel at the very least.”
  • Please let this Bray Wyatt/Matt Hardy feud end at Elimination Chamber.
  • The Women’s 6-Man Tag was a mess of a match. If this is how the six women work together, their match at Elimination Chamber is going to be a disaster.


Smackdown Logo
Welcome to SmackDown – The Land of Opportunity!
  • WWE Champion AJ Styles gives Renee Young a tour of the ring and the surrounding area as if he were trying to sell her a house. He has a promising career in real estate once his wrestling career is over.
  • AJ jokes about Kevin Owens looking great after having his boil (Sami Zayn) removed from his back. In truth, Owens does look good. He appears to be losing weight and is getting in better shape.
  • Thanks Shane McMahon for reminding us we’re in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • The crowd is finally over Shane. Time for Shane to disappear for another five years again so he can come back to a “Holy Sh*t” chant like he did last time.
  • This stupid, pointless, SmackDown Top 10 List is still being talked about! The only list that should ever receive this must airtime is Chris Jericho’s.
  • Jinder Mahal comes out saying he has big dirt on WWE US Champion Bobby Roode. The big dirt? Jinder reveals “Bobby’s Top 10 list” where Roode allegedly ranked himself as number one as well as removing Randy Orton from the list. Yes, this is an actual promo.
  • No RKO Outta Nowhere after Jinder’s dragged out segment.
  • Shane books Roode vs Orton for the US Title at Fastlane, because Orton accepted Roode’s challenge last week but Jinder prevented the match from happening. Daniel Bryan disagrees. For once, Shane’s judgement makes a bit of sense.
  • SmackDown’s 6-Women Tag Team match was much better than Raw’s 6-Women Tag Team match.
  • WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair will be defending her title against Ruby at Fastlane. I saw this coming and I’m totally cool with it. We should get a really good match out of the two.
  • Sami Zayn is totally setting Kevin Owens for a screw job. I can’t wait for it.
  • New Day gets yet another shot at the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles. Joy…
  • Seriously, will the Bludgeon Brothers destroying tag teams ever get old? No, it never will.
  • “You can’t beat me!” said Baron Corbin to AJ Styles. AJ promptly beats Corbin in a moment that my housemate described as “a scene from the Power Rangers”.
  • The lack of Shinsuke Nakamura (again) disturbs me.
  • The lack of Rusev Day (AGAIN) disturbs me more.


NXT Logo
Meanwhile, at NXT…
  • I keep forgetting No Way Jose is still in NXT.
  • Stop teasing Velveteen Dream vs. Tyler Bate and give us the damn match already!
  • Good to see the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is back.
  • Johnny Gargano and Andrade “Cien” Almas put on yet another good match. The ending was surprising as I thought Johnny would’ve won via DQ.
  • It sucks to see Johnny leave NXT. No doubt he’ll be 205 Live bound, which will make me want to watch the show.
  • By costing Johnny his career in NXT, Tommaso Ciampa will never be cheered by an NXT crowd again.

That’s all for this edition of WRR! Let me know when you thought of this week’s shows. Feedback is welcomed too! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

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